Jewish Roots of New Testament Articles

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The Articles listed here are written by Ed Vasicek, Midrash Detective.

Ed Vasicek is the pastor of Highland Park Church, Kokomo, IN, where he has served since 1983. He previously pastored the Victory Bible Church of Chicago, IL.  Ed received his B.A. from the Moody Bible Institute in 1979 and did distance graduate work through San Diego Bible College and Seminary. He considers himself a conservative evangelical with approval  for  doctrinally-solid Messianic Judaism (although Ed himself is not a Messianic Jew).

Ed focused his studies on the Jewish Roots of Christianity in the mid 1990’s, and used his detecting skills to eventually become the “Midrash Detective.”  Ed directs his attention at the connection between the two Testaments, particularly the derivation of New Testament portions form Old Testament exposition/application (Midrash).  In addition, Ed examines Jewish sources like the Talmud or Targums to add additional insight to the fuller meaning of New Testament texts.

He has authored two books that have been well received, The Midrash Key and The Amazing Doctrines of Paul As Midrash.  If you enjoy the articles on this website, you are very likely to enjoy these books even more!